Video Resources

The Disney Land of Quilting - Hamilton, MO

Hamilton, Missouri is known as the hometown of JC Penney.  However, the rural economic downturn that began in the 1980s left many of Hamilton's storefronts vacant.  That's not the case today as one unique "industry" has all of the buildings full and is bringing busloads of visitors to town. 

Base Camp - Water Valley, MS

 Water Valley, Mississippi, was facing the same problem many other small towns face - bright, young minds were leaving the area because there were not opportunities in the region.  Kagan Coughlin had an idea that would provide an alternative to college education, use old buildings in town and meet a need for skilled individuals in the community.   

Dick's Five and Ten

Can a small, family-owned store compete and even thrive against competition from the big box stores?  Yes!  Meet Dick's Five & Ten, a quirky little store that shows you how to win in business and win a lot of friends and visitors in the process.   

Rusty's Car Museum - Jackson, TN

Rusty simply enjoyed working on replica cars in his spare time.  He never set out to display them, but then he had an opportunity to create his own museum and people began coming to Jackson, Tennessee, to see an impressive, one-of-kind collection. 

One Last Business - Calico Rock, AR

Calico Rock was down to its last business on Main Street.  Learn about the amazing turn around for one small town that has now filled all but two storefronts and is attracting visitors from far and wide!

World's Largest Things - Casey, IL

Jim Bolin saw his small town slowly slipping away.  He had an interesting idea though that involved his grandmother's wind chimes, his own pipeline company, and an inventive spirit.  Now Casey, Illinois, draws thousand of visitors and has opened many new stores thanks to a man who decided to build some very large items.  

Audio resources

Free Land for Rural Residents!

Listen to a unique way one rural Kansas county found to bring new residents to the area - offering free land!  How did it work and what were the results?  Listen here...  

13 Ways to Kill Your Community

Of course the idea is to do the opposite, but here's our podcast with Doug Giffiths who literally wrote the book on what we can do to help build up the places we live and work.  

Flip this Town!

Ron Drake wrote a book by the same name.  In this interview we discuss how successful small towns flip the script to create a place that prospers. 

How One Town of Under 400 People Raised $8 Million

This is a story that should inspire all of us in rural America. Learn how the small town of Shickley, Nebraska, began to share their story and what they hoped to do in the future. In the process they’ve raised $8 million!